15 Group Wedding Photos You Have to Get!


These group wedding photo ideas will help take your wedding photo album up a notch...or 12! We love how unique and fun these are.


  1. Posted by KinsadieB, — Reply

    The guy in the very back on the right is probably on his tippy toes like "please at least be able to see my head!" lol

  2. Posted by chelevine, — Reply

    Love it . CARON was discussing this idea with us. I don’t remember how big the biggest frame is .

  3. Posted by fdimond, — Reply

    love this! we are making for our daughter's wedding in July

  4. Posted by ash1729, — Reply

    This setting is cute but the ppl aren’t even and it would drive me insane to see that all the time

  5. Posted by betsymckoy, — Reply


  6. Posted by x4corena, — Reply

    this is sssssooo0 cute ! 😊

  7. Posted by arbreweddingboutique, — Reply

    I love this !!!! So different and special

  8. Posted by georgpeach55, — Reply

    Nice 👍🏾

  9. Posted by sunflowergardensupply, — Reply

    Wow special

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